About Me

I’ve been working on back-end, middle-tier and front-end systems since 1999. I’ve tackled many tough problems around scaling an application, refactoring complex systems, and building a solution from the ground up. I’m a creative developer and don’t, however, consider myself a computer scientist. I build software for people (first) and typically out of necessity. If you need someone to rewrite a PHP compiler or a search algorithm in Lisp, I’m not the guy. If you need someone to rattle off the SOLID principles like the Pledge of Allegiance…look elsewhere.

As for leading a project, I’m a long-time student of Agile and Lean methodologies. Although learning through carefully-crafted experiments, always comes first. I focus on determining which features to build and also which features NOT to build. Iterating quickly and validating the most valuable features first are paramount. Also, communication is the most underrated team skill, so I strive to improve that with every team that i work with, as it’s one of my specialties.

I’m a social geek and I’ve been heavily involved with the tech community by organizing events like StartupWeekend and curating for the StartupDigest. I even created a national event ‘PitchSwap’.

To sum up, I’m looking for talented, passionate people to work with on exciting challenges. Life is short, why not build something epic! 

Technologies I’m currently focused on:

Languages/ Framworks:
- Javascript: Ember.js, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Polymer.js, jQuery
- Node.js: Express, Handlebars, Grunt, Karma, PhantomJS
- CSS: Sass, LESS
- HTML5: Localstorage, Geolocation, History, Web components
- Mobile: Objective-C, Cocoa, SpriteKit & Cordova (PhoneGap)

API related:
- OAuth2
- Firebase
- Github API
- Social: Twitter / Facebook / Google+  

- Editors: Sublime & Xcode
- Source control: Git + Github | BitBucket
- Google Analytics, Optimizely
- NPM, Bower, Cocoapods
- and some other stuff…


Chronolog of work/projects:

[2013 - Present] NBCUniversal (Developer for TODAY.com, NBCNews.com)

[2012] Launched PitchSwap.co (events in Philly, San Fran, Seattle, NYC)

[2012] Worked on StagFund.co, Sponsor.io

[2011] Launched FundingWorks.org (fundraised ~$25k for multiple non-profits)

[2011] Launched Mealtik.com

[2011-2012] Organized StartupWeekend I, II, & III in Philadelphia

[2010] Started the Philly StartupDigest

[2009 - 2012] ARAMARK (Architect / Developer)

[2009] Launched W3Gifts and earned revenue. 

[2006 - 2008] Algorithmics - (Developer & Product Specialist)

[2004- 2006] Merck & Co. (Test Automation Engineer)

[2004 - present] Founded W3Portals (client work)
   - Riverchasers.com, Ecliptic Financial, RedEye Vacations, CountryCottage, Bridesview, SUNRx, WePay, Nelsons AutoTags, Barnegat Light, SmakParlour, Hannas B&B, TeleQNS, BCT Partners,  etc

[2002 - 2004] Teknaspan (consulted for many clients)

[2002] Graduated Drexel University (B.S. in Information Systems)

[1999 - 2001] Network Alternatives

[1998] Army Corp of Engineers (co-op)

[1997] Started college - Drexel University (5 yr program)