Hackathon tools for 2013

Here’s what I’m currently using for my hacks / prototypes. Keep in mind a lot of these tools are chosen because they get you up and running fast and\or have some widespread use. Team-friendly tools are key.

MacBook Pro - yep, finally ditching my PC, but still have a VM for asp.net projects. 

IDE / Text Editor
Sublime Text - an amazing text editor for working with almost any type of open source project. Command palette makes it fun to learn and gets better the more I use it.

Project Mgmt
Trello - try it out. May still need Basecamp for some projects, but this is a great tool to try out. 


Source Control & Issue Tracking  
Git + GitHub - a no brainer at this point. 

Open source Tools

Bootstrap - mainly because i know it so well and gets the job done.
Foundation3 - a pretty awesome responsive front-end lib. Nice to have a decent alternative to bootstrap.
Node.js - changing the way the web is built. NPM rocks.
Meteor - this is an amazing jumpstart to building awesome apps. Serves as full-stack.  
MongoDb - a must have document db, try MongoHQ.

Other tools/services 

Hackpad - great for creating docs.
Cloudmine - back-end as a service
LaunchRock - creating a landing page in minutes
Keynotopia - great for a non-coder to build a usaable UI. I usually use HTML though.
Photoshop - duh.
AppGyver - build a mobile prototype from UI images in minutes.

If you think I’m missing anything, let me know. I suppose I could list some wireframing tools, but I rarely use them.